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It has been a pleasure to work with you.  I have been amazed by your courteousness, dependability, thoughtfulness, and diligent skill you displayed every time we saw you and talked to you.  It seemed that every time I got depressed and felt like giving up, you or your co-worker called me with encouraging words and your never-failing professionalism in finding new resources.  You all have truly been a blessing to us. Again, I would like to convey my appreciation and heartfelt thanks to you.  Thanks for not forgetting us.  Thank you so much.  May God bless you and your co-worker.  Thank so much for giving us hope.
a family Caregiver
I would like to indicate my support for Memory Care Home Solutions. I am keenly aware of the needs of our aging populations, particularly for those individuals with dementia and memory impairment. Memory Care aims to assist caregivers of individuals with dementia with at-home, family caregiver training.  The population of elderly is growing at a very rapid pace and this not-for-profit has the potential of providing a unique service that will have far-reaching effects for caregiving.
Dr. John Morris, Washington University School of Medicine
I feel so much better since I took part in this program and learned about how to talk to Mom in a way that helps us both.  She seems calmer, and I know I am too!
Mary Ann, Caregiver
Before the home visits and personalized caregiver training, I kept getting frustrated.  Now I have other choices for how to deal with daily caregiving challenges.
Louisa, Caregiver