Memory Care Home Solutions Elects FY17 Executive Committee – Board of Directors

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FY 17 Executive Committee

Memory Care Home Solutions experienced rapid growth and success under the leadership of their executive committee led by former Board of Directors President Ray Wiesehan.
Going into the 2017 fiscal year the Board of Directors of Memory Care Home Solutions has approved its executive committee, bringing with them decades of experience.

President: Nicole Holst, Vice President Legal Affairs – Hospital Sisters Health System
Vice-President/Treasurer: David Hartley, Principal– Technology Advisory Services UHY Advisors
Secretary: Kim Grbac, Director of Benefits and Compensation– Edward Jones
Past President: Ray Wiesehan, Vice President, Crisis Management– Ameren

Memory Care Home Solutions relies on the executive committee to guide Founder and Executive Director Lisa Baron and her staff as they continue building upon years of growth within the organization and an exploding need for its service in the region.
“The new executive committee is an executive director’s dream team- comprised of professionals who are committed, smart, kind and generous,” she said.

About Memory Care Home Solutions
Memory Care Home Solutions is a non-profit organization that exists to extend and improve quality time at home for families caring for loved ones with memory loss, dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease. Our professionals train families regarding safety of the living environment, provide strategies for addressing difficult behaviors, and offer suggestions for maintaining appropriate levels of independence, with the ultimate goal of reducing caregiver stress. We come to each family; no diagnosis is necessary for our consultation; and services are made available to everyone at no cost to all who use our programs, regardless of income. To ensure families continue to benefit after our initial consultation, we schedule follow-up phone conferences throughout the year, and our professionals are always available to discuss concerns family caregivers may have. Our newly expanded services allow families to receive four Occupational Therapy visits. Founded in 2002, and later funded with a generous grant from the Missouri Foundation for Health, Memory Care Home Solutions fills a critical in-home support and training void for caregivers. Washington University in St. Louis collaborates with the organization to evaluate outcome success. For more information, please contact Erin Kelley at (314) 645-6247, via email or visit ###