Tips on Managing Stress and Anxiety: COVID-19

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Caregiving Solutions in a Time of Coronavirus (COVID-19): Tips on Managing Stress and Anxiety

People living with dementia can often pick up on nonverbal and emotional cues easier, and can often detect when you, as a care partner, are stressed.

•Avoid playing television or radio programs that discuss the COVID-19 outbreak as it might confuse or upset the person you’re caring for.
•If a friend or family member has been symptom free and taking the proper precautions, accept their help to run errands or pick something up from the store for you. Have them help arrange a food delivery.
•Try deep breathing or meditation.
•Phone calls can be a way for you to still feel connected to others.

Here are more recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control for managing your anxiety and stress during this difficult time:

If all of this leaves you feeling overwhelmed and worried, don’t hesitate to call Memory Care Home Solutions at (314) 645-6247!

We can help you brainstorm about modifying activities, simplifying daily activities or planning for self-care strategies to manage stress during this time.