Program Update April 2019

 In News

Telehealth is on the forefront of our minds at MCHS. We are currently exploring opportunities that will bring our unique treatment to more rural communities.  

Rural communities lack health resources and the aging community continues to increase in number and need. Transitioning to a nursing home has often been the only option for rural families as loved ones’ require more care. Recent studies reveal, “More than 440 rural nursing homes have closed or merged over the last decade, according to the Cowles Research Group, which tracks long-term care, and each closure scattered patients like seeds in the wind. Instead of finding new care in their homes and communities, many end up at different nursing homes far from their families” (New York Times).

MCHS’ vision remains to serve every family that could benefit from our specialized program and services. Strategic conversations and planning is underway to determine how to incorporate telehealth into our model in order to ensure scalability and sustainability while maintaining quality care for our caregivers and their loved ones with dementia.

We are looking towards the future as we position MCHS for the next phase of acceleration. To accomplish this monumental work requires thought-provoking discussions with board and partnership involvement.  We are excited to move our vision forward with your participation.