Memory Care Home Solutions Presents: Teepa Snow

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Teepa Headshot-SmMemory Care Home Solutions is proud to host one of the nation’s leaders in dementia education and care, Occupational Therapist Teepa Snow. Snow will be leading a professional education event unlike any other in the St. Louis region.

Teepa Snow’s unique and innovative teaching methods have helped her compile a huge fan base, and make her a sought-after speaker. Through 30 years of observation and interaction with those living with dementia, she has developed extensive knowledge of how dementia develops over time. She uses her tenure with dementia cases to transition from dementia patient to instructor using role-play and interaction to explain common behavioral issues and effective solutions.

Snow developed the Positive Approach to Care model, has an independent practice, and also has clinical appointments at Duke University and the University of North Carolina -Chapel Hill.

With the high rising dementia rates in Missouri, MCHS Program Director Jill Cigliana feels Snow’s workshop can help healthcare professionals and familiy caregivers effectively meet the needs of people with dementia.

“We are thrilled to bring Teepa to St. Louis so that our staff and the entire community can benefit from her amazing, inspiring, and proven strategies to improve life for clients with dementia,” she said.

MCHS Executive Director Lisa Baron enjoyed her experience at one of Snow’s seminars.

“She brings scientific and emotional clarity to what appears to be a very confusing situation. Teepa is all about emphasizing what those with dementia retain versus what is lost,” she said.

The seminar will be at Sheraton Westport Plaza from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., on Sep. 23. Registration is $149.00 before Aug. 19. To register visit our website at in the “News & Events” tab, or call us at 314-645-6247.