Activity Engagement: COVID-19

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Caregiving Solutions in a Time of Coronavirus (COVID-19): Activity Engagement

Caregiving can be isolating, even more so when you are stuck inside! Here are a few ideas for indoor activities to beat social distancing boredom.

•Look at photos. If you have photo albums, consider looking at one picture at a time. It is easier for the person with dementia to focus if there is not too much to look at all at once.

•Listen to music. Familiar songs can put someone in a great mood. Try having the person listen to music through headphones – it is easier to focus on the music if there is not confusing background noise.

•Try a puzzle or word search. If these puzzles are too hard, only give a few pieces at a time (or just the edges, for example). If the word search is too hard, instruct the person to circle one letter at a time (find all the A’s).

•Simple arts and crafts. Try adult coloring books. Paint bird houses. String together cheerios to make bird feeders.

•Bake or cook simple recipes together.

Consider other daily home activities that seem to engage the person you care for. Are they able to be repeated or re-used? Consider having the person help with folding laundry, sorting silverware, or sorting coins, etc.

If the weather permits:

Take a drive around the block, neighborhood, or town.

Take a stroll in your local park or around your neighborhood (ensuring that you stay at least 6 feet away from others nearby).

Explore hiking or walking trails that are paved

○ Try a section of Grant’s Trail in South County
○ Rock Hollow Trail in West County
○ Meramec Greenway Trail segment in Lower Meramec Park
○ Creve Coeur Park
○ Spanish Lake Park
○ Forest Park

Maintain routine and a sense of normalcy as much as possible.